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Performance Expert Gregory Offner

Episode Summary

I interviewed Greg about his life, his stories and being a performance expert.

Episode Notes

About Gregory

After enduring 15 surgeries on my vocal cords, nearly losing the ability to speak permanently, I make sure the words I use matter to your listeners. 
The ideas we'll talk about, and the stories I can share, will help them reimagine the way they perform. By using a lense of experience from both the corporate world, and the world of a professional entertainer, I help audiences from every background connect with these ideas. 

When we speak, it's not to sell something but rather to share an understanding of how we look at the world of work, our mindset, and how those perceptions and perspectives impact performance. 

We're here to do more than just make money (though, money is important) - we're here to make an impact. How your audience performs on a daily basis is what creates the foundation for their impact. 

We can be part of that conversation, together, and have fun in the process. I look forward to speaking with you!

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